Liam Vodehnal

about the website

Liam Vodehnal, a recently graduated videographer and editor passionate about his craft, required a minimalist portfolio website that showcased his work in a clean, classic style. He wanted to evoke a vintage cinematic feel while simultaneously giving the site a minimal aesthetic.

In creating this website, our team embraced the minimalist aesthic in the design of the home page which is meant to loosely imitate a movie screen. From there, we used a simple black-and-white theme along with an Art Deco typeface to emanate the vintage feel.

From a technical standpoint, there were a few challenges. First, creating the perfect home page animation that balanced extreme minimalism with identifiable personality required us to create twelve different animations until we got it right. Second, embedding all the large video content into the website in an efficient manner required some technical creativity. Third, accomplishing the film-like horizontal scroll interaction on the “Play” page required some innovation.

  • Line animation and interactions
  • Horizontal scroll reels
  • File reduction and compression
  • Easy-to-edit content management system
  • Auto-adjusting photo layout
  • Submission form
  • Vimeo embeds

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