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Astonish Relay came into being through a fortuitous conversation with a design freelancer named Gabe. Having operated a successful full-service website studio for several years, we were assisting Gabe with his project when he casually mentioned his desire to concentrate solely on the creative design aspect, free from the burdens of development, monitoring, and updates.
The simplicity and brilliance of Gabe's idea struck us like lightning, sparking a revelation. We realized that our team possessed a unique combination of technical expertise in website development and an unrivaled monitoring and maintenance system. Even more importantly, we had a genuine passion for the technical intricacies of our work.
It became abundantly clear – why not offer our specialized technical services to designers under a white-label model? This approach would enable designers to focus wholeheartedly on their artistic passions while we took charge of the technical complexities behind the scenes. The result? An exceptional product with much less headache!

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